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Property Damage Forensics

BSC Forensics serves a wide client base including insurance companies, insurance adjusters, attorneys, self-insured entities and various other parties involved in property losses. We provide independent opinions regarding the cause and origin of certain types of property damages. Our deliverable work product generally consists of a written report related to a requested scope of services. Most often, the investigation will include an on-site evaluation of damages as well as relevant research on the property and/or triggering event (weather, etc.). See below for a detailed understanding of each type of service.

Fact-Based Reporting

BSC provides unparalleled detail in our reports, and we continually strive to communicate our findings in practical terms that are easily understood by every potential reader. Moreover, our opinions are fact-based and never speculative. Our thorough investigation practices ensure that we collect the evidence necessary to support our findings and rule-in or -out any reasonable causes. Our company logo's crest was specifically chosen to represent our mission - Defending the Truth - regardless of the benefiting party.

Mechanical & Electrical

BSC specializes in mechanical and electrical investigations, including lighting strike assessments, power surge, equipment failure and malfunction, fire mapping, and more.

Structural Evaluations

Foundation Damage
BSC specializes in foundation related damages and assessments. Generally, foundation claims consist of an evaluation of the effects of a plumbing leak or high-winds on movement of a foundation.

Framing Damage
BSC's founder spent a large portion of his career designing wood buildings that incorporated steel, concrete, and masonry elements. This unique experience allows BSC to quickly identify damage, life-safety issues, and repair scopes.

Design/Construction Deficiencies
Wind Damage
Wind vs. Storm Surge
Flood/Storm Surge Damage
Vehicle Impact Damage (Property)
Code Compliance
Repair/Design Recommendations


BSC is a licensed Mold Assessment Company (MAC No. ACO1092) in Texas with two licensed mold consultants and one industrial hygienist.

Envelope/Cladding Assessments

Roofing & Siding Damage
BSC has extensive experience evaluating roofing and siding damage from high-wind events. Moreover, our in-depth understanding of how various cladding materials weather over time allow us to distinguish between new and old damage.

Water Intrusion/Damage
BSC can identify the sources of envelope breaches and help identify the cause of the opening. In addition, we can aid interested parties in scoping the extent of damages.

Weather-related Damage

Construction Deficiencies
Knowing how to properly install cladding elements can be the key to identifying why and how a component was damaged and, often more importantly, how to repair it.

Code Compliance

Fire Damage Assessments

Fire Cause & Origin by BSC Fire Services a wholly-owned subsidiary of BSC Forensics. BSC has two Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators (C.F.E.I.) including Anthony Wm. Flynn and Frank D. Poag. Learn more about our experts.

Damage Scoping
BSC has extensive experience evaluating the extent of fire, smoke, and extinguishing water damage.

Structural Salvageability
Often, structural elements of a building are exposed to heat, smoke, and water during the course of a fire event. BSC can identify elements that require replacement or repair and conversely, those that can be salvaged or that may remain in service.

Restoration Recommendations
Code Compliance

Our founder spent a portion of his career managing the design of fire suppression systems in government-regulated port buildings. This unique experience provides BSC with an invaluable resource when code upgrades are a consideration after a fire event.

Drone Services

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