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BSC Forensics is based in southeast Texas; however, our investigative engineers maintain *NCEES records allowing for prompt licensure in multiple states. Moreover, BSC Forensics prides itself in our mobile technology, which allows our experts to work seamlessly in the field. 

Our clients experience virtually no interruptions in service during remote operations.

Travel Zones

BSC can perform assignments in a variety of locations with Texas and Louisiana being in the immediate Zone 1. Zone 2 includes states that are within a reasonable distance for air travel and only require two simultaneous assignments (or approved travel for one assignment).

Mobile Technology

BSC Forensics is built to respond faster and more accurately than our competitors due to our commitment to mobile technologies. 

Our experts are equipped with the latest devices - phones, tablets, laptops and testing equipment - so we can respond when our clients need us. These investments directly translate into a better value for our clients, both in service and quality.