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BSC Forensics Courses

Course 94090-Hail Damage Assessment
This is an in depth course covering topics such as the angles of hail fall, tool-aided damage, as well as correlating evidence to physical and functional damage.

Course 94091 h Understanding Structures Part 1: Foundations
This course covers the basic foundations of soil mechanics inclusive of expansive behaviors. The topics will cover seasonal foundation movements, explain the variations between differential and uniform movement as well as analyzing multiple case studies.

Course 94092: Understanding Wood Structures Part 2: Gravity and Lateral
This course covers the techniques of framing design. The topics will include loads, beams, walls, roof framing, lateral design coverings, diaphragms, shear walls, braced frames, foundation attachment as well as relevant case studies.

Course 95596 h Asphalt Composition Shingles
This course will cover the behavior of asphalt-compositions shingles in high winds. Topics will include expected long term conditions, common manufacturing defects as well as installation deficiencies.

Course 95610- Hail Damage to Condensing Units and Repair Options
This course covers repair options with topics including combing, coil replacement, condensing unit replacement, complete split system replacement, commercial units as well as analyzing relevant case studies.